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Book a car with Halo and get your vehicle delivered to your doorstep. Available across all of Las Vegas.
Delivery hours 8am-6pm, 7 days a week.

Vehicle pickup and insurance included.

Meet the Kia Niro:
260 mile range, fits 5 people + 3 large suitcases

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per day or $10/hour
$20 delivery fee
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How it works

Request a car.

Book your rental and select where you want the car delivered.

Delivered to your location.

Your Halo will arrive at the set time. It's yours to drive wherever you like.

End your booking and we’ll collect the car.

Confirm drop-off, and your Halo will be picked up for you.
Your rental includes 150 miles free with unlimited
freedom to explore Las Vegas and nearby areas.
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Easily adapt your menu using the webflow CMS and allow customers to browse your items.

Accept online orders & takeout

Let your customers order and pay via the powerful ecommerce system, or simple let them call your store.

Manage delivery or takeout

Manage your own logistics and take orders simply through the ecommerce system.

Delivery areas

You can book a Halo car to be delivered to you anywhere in Las Vegas, except the airport.

Deliveries in the blue zone will be delivered by a driver in the vehicle.

Deliveries in the green zone downtown will be delivered to you via our remote pilot technology.

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News about Halo

January 19 2023
Alexis at Halo.Car

Driverless Testing at Halo.Car in Downtown Las Vegas began with a simple question: how to radically increase the use of electric vehicles while making them accessible without ownership.

Gas powered cars are responsible for 17% of total annual GHG emissions in the US. Today there are more than 200m gas cars in the US, compared to less than 5m electric vehicles. Getting more people to drive EVs sooner is a critical way to reduce the 100m tonnes of CO2 emitted annually by driving. 

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January 19 2023
Slash Gear

8 Wild Things I Saw At CES 2023

One company I visited wasn't participating in CES, but they were based in Vegas. It's called and it is an EV rental company that delivers your car to you anywhere in the city of Las Vegas. If you're in certain parts of Las Vegas, will deliver your car to you via remote pilot. You read that right. has modified a fleet of Kia Niro EVs so they can be remote-piloted from its home base using off-the-shelf parts including a Logitech steering wheel and pedals and an Elgato Stream Deck.

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January 16 2023
The Detroit Bureau

Remote Control Rental Cars will Come to You

Las Vegas seems to be the perfect place to test out autonomous and now remote-piloted vehicles.

Perhaps it’s the town’s “anything goes” attitude, or just the fact that you have a lot of people who need rides inside a fairly compact area with mostly predictable traffic patterns. Either way, Vegas is the place to experience the latest in mobility innovations.

Among the autonomous shuttles and taxis now plying the Las Vegas downtown area in beta mode, you’ll now see Halo.Car, which is driverless but not autonomous.

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