Rental without the hassle.

Halo is an electric car that drives to you. Safe and easy to use, simply summon a Halo car to your location, drive it till your destination, and end the trip to driverlessly return the car to our garage.

Get a car delivered

Request a car.

Book your rental and select where you want the car delivered.

Delivered to your location.

Your Halo will arrive at the set time. It's yours to drive wherever you like.

End your booking and the car drives away.

Confirm drop-off, and your Halo will drive away to its next destination.
Your daily upfront fee covers unlimited charging (aka zero fuel costs),
and unlimited freedom to explore Las Vegas and nearby areas.
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Adapt your menu items

Easily adapt your menu using the webflow CMS and allow customers to browse your items.

Accept online orders & takeout

Let your customers order and pay via the powerful ecommerce system, or simple let them call your store.

Manage delivery or takeout

Manage your own logistics and take orders simply through the ecommerce system.

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News about Halo

January 12, 2022
Fierce Wireless

T-Mobile 5G hits the racetrack with Halo

T-Mobile’s partnership with remote-piloted driverless car service Halo took to the races at CES this month, where it served as the 5G-powered pace car during an autonomous racecar showdown.

January 12, 2022

5G Sets the Pace at Autonomous Racecar Competition

At the event, Halo led race teams out of the pit completing warm up laps at speeds up to 95 mph before the start of each round.

July 12, 2021

Driverless Cars Are Coming to Vegas, Courtesy of T-Mobile

It's not full-on autonomous, but this new T-Mobile-mentored start-up is taking a practical path to getting there.

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